Welcome, New Mothers.



This time is sacred and precious. Ayurveda views the first 42 days after giving birth as a special window for the new mother to receive care. Rest is the key element. It’s often difficult for us to slow down and allow others to take care of us. That’s why we are here to support you during this transition. We will teach you infant massage and exercises to help you connect with your baby. We offer Vaginal Steams, aka Yoni steams, postpartum Maya Abdominal Therapy, and much more.


A new mother’s digestion is greatly diminished after childbirth. Good digestion improves both lactation and the rejuvenation process.We offer nourishing meal plans, restorative herbal support, and deeply healing acupuncture to help rebuild your system and release trauma. Because let’s face it, even if your birth wasn’t emotionally traumatic, all birth has inherent physical trauma.


Go Inward.

While breastfeeding, a mother secretes oxytocin which naturally brings her to a more calm and meditative state. Adopting a deep meditation practice will help enhance your rejuvenation process. This allows for a rapid growth of awareness and expansion of consciousness that is available to you during this special spiritual window. Julia helps you find a meditation technique that’s right for you.

Retrieve Wisdom.

Learning to trust that innate maternal wisdom can be difficult in a culture that has so many opinions on everything! We offer phone and in-person consults for new mothers with any postpartum questions. Topics may include emotional support, sleep dynamics, basic breastfeeding support, bathing, pumping, milk storage, positioning and latch, soothing techniques, baby wearing, equipment recommendation, and alternative feeding methods.