Lotus Womb


Upcoming Events


Group Acupuncture and Gong Bath
Aug 22. 6-7:30pm

Join Licensed Acupuncturist Krystal Kinnunen for a magical sound healing journey while receiving acupuncture in a group setting. You will deeply relax in a restorative posture with a few calming ear acupuncture points while bathing in the healing sound vibrations of the gong. We will begin with some yoga asana & breath work focused on calming the nervous system, meditate, and then lay down for a deep relaxation using acupuncture, and sound healing.

Monthly Womb Circle
Aug 30th. 7-9pm.

Join us for our monthly gathering to celebrate, honor, and reclaim our feminine magick. When womxn gather, anything is possible! We recognize gender as a construct and respect that not all women bleed, and that not all people who bleed are women. This is a circle for anybody who identifies as a woman.

Mystical Acupuncture for the Womb Coming Soon

Co-facilitated by Krystal and Julia, this sacred circle is for men and women looking to deepen their connection to their womb space. Toning, chanting, and sound healing will be laced through out this nourishing experience. After Krystal activates your sacred womb with acupuncture, Julia will lead you through a shamanic dream meditation to facilitate your journey into the deeper realms of feminine consciousness.


A Healing Sanctuary for Everyone

You don’t need a physical uterus to walk the path of womb healing. We serve all genders, races, and backgrounds.


Ancient Wisdom

Our services are influenced by ancient wisdom that has been handed down by our predecessors. Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, herbalism, The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy®, and Earth-based shamanic practices are all aspects of our work at Lotus Womb.


Fertility Enhancement

We offer a range of packages to help enhance fertility and support a healthy pregnancy.


Heal with Foods and herbs

Ready to nourish your body, mind, and soul? You’ve come to the right place. We offer Ayurvedic consultations to tailor a plan just for you. In addition, we provide custom herbal medicine to help support your healing journey.


Unlock Your Womb Power

The Womb is more than just a physical organ- It is an energetic space. It is the seat of deep wisdom, the Feminine Crown, a connection to other realms of existence, and a portal to the source of life itself. Are you ready to unlock her power? Have you heard her call?