When it all starts…

Let’s start from the beginning. How do we arrive here? Is it possible to connect to your child before conception? The answer is yes. We all start out as pure spirit before taking the physical form. We made a plan (a soul contract) to be born through our current mother. It was decided well ahead of time in the Higher Realms. In most cases, your Spirit Baby is ready to make connection with you! Maybe you’ve already started to receive some signs or messages.

Before embarking on the journey to physical motherhood, more and more people are turning to Conscious Conception. Through meditation, dreamwork, womb work, ritual, and ceremony, it is possible to connect with and call in your Spirit Baby. Women have been known to learn the sex and preferred name of their baby though visions and intuition. It is not uncommon for mothers to have a visit with their Spirit Baby in the Dream Time.

Ready? We can guide you through this sacred process.