What is a Womb?

Let’s begin with answering “What is a Womb”....

Commonly associated with female reproduction, the Womb is more than just a physical organ. It is a sacred, energetic space that lives within everyone.

A Womb is a multidimensional portal, a gateway into deeper levels of consciousness. A womb is a SANCTUARY, a safe place for healing and transformation to occur. A womb births new life AND ideas into the world. 

At Lotus Womb, we help you cultivate YOUR Womb Center, a place of power and refuge so you can access your own inner healer.


The Womb is the portal into this world, a star gate for incoming souls.


What is Womb-Centered Healing?

We all know what it feels like to be “in our heads.” Modern day lifestyle often requires us to operate and make choices from our cerebral cortex in the brain. This may feel like the “safest” and most “logical” place for our consciousness to be. But what if I told you there’s more? If you allow our consciousness to drop deeper into the body, some of you may know what it feels like to live through your Heart. You may have been called “emotional” or “a romantic” throughout your life. When we live our lives guided solely by our hearts, our choices don’t always make sense to the logical brain.

What if you allowed your consciousness to drop even deeper…. all the way down to the Womb Space, or Hara for men. This is where we discover the long forgotten secrets of who we really are. The Womb holds the ancient wisdom of our ancestors AND it is also where we happen to carry a lot of wounding.

Womb Centered Healing is a new (old) way to heal from past traumas, reproductive disorders, surgeries, hysterectomies, diseases, digestive issues, painful or irregular periods, and to release old wounds.

Womb Healing utilizes an Earth-based approach to wellness. It is healing in relation to the planets, the elements, plants, and animals. By learning to listen to your body in relation to the Earth, you can achieve optimal wellness. Womb Healing works with the physical building blocks of existence to unlock your deep physical intuition.

It’s time we all start listening to the Womb.   

Reconnecting to Natural Rhythms

We help women get to know their own cycle. If you’ve recently experienced a trauma, had your IUD removed, or are going through a hormonal transition, the body often needs time to synch with its natural rhythm. During our sessions, we give you the tools to best support your womb’s return to its optimal state.

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Vaginal Steaming

A deeply relaxing and nourishing treatment. Used by Maya healers and midwives, bajos (ba-hoes) is a Spanish word that translates to “vaginal steam bath”. Traditionally used to cleanse the uterus and aid women with chronic fertility issues, or to maintain healthy fertility. Depending on the condition being treated, we will add specific herbs to enhance the healing benefits of the most steam.

Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning

Tired of the birth control options (or the lack there of)? Let’s be honest, there isn’t anything sexy about a condom and IUDs can leave your uterus in a constant state of inflammation. Imagine knowing exactly when you ovulate without altering your hormones. Whether you are trying to conceive or looking to avoid pregnancy, we’ve got you covered.


Herbal Medicine

Plants and herbs are some of our best healing allies. We can absorb their healing benefit through medicinal massage oils, nourishing teas, carefully formulated herbal blends, diffused essential oils in the air, and ingesting/anointing flower essences (the vibrational essence of plant) just to name a few. Julia is trained in Ayurvedic, Mayan rainforest medicine, and some Western Herbalism. Krystal is trained in Chinese Herbalism, Peruvian Healing techniques, and some Western Herbalism.

Energy Healing

There is more than meets the eye. We are all more than just physical bodies on the Earth plane. Ancient medicine systems and modern science alike understand that there is more to physical matter than what we can detect with our five senses. Energy healing works from the perspective that a living being is multidimensional, and the flow of energy through the body can be balanced and restored through various techniques. We utilize energy work alongside any other treatment if you desire it. Krystal is a Reiki Master and has also been trained in Soul Focused Healing, two modalities that work in tandem with other services to facilitate your wellness. Julia has her advanced level Reiki certification through the International Center for Reiki Center. Both Julia and Krystal weave energy work into their sessions with clients when appropriate.