Vaginal Steaming is a traditional healing method use to cleanse the uterus, help improve fertility, and support overall wellbeing. Referred to as “bajos” in Spanish, vaginal steams have been used by Maya healers and midwives for centuries. Korean healers also use this healing modality and refer to is as “chai-yok.”

How do vaginal steams work?

Specific herbs are steeped in hot water to create a warm vaginal steam bath. The steam carries the medicinal benefits of the plants, including volatile oils, to the womb and perineum. Once absorbed through the tissues, the healing herbal compounds then enter the bloodstream, having a direct healing benefit on the reproductive system since vaginal tissue is one the most most absorbent in the body.


Benefits of Vaginal Steams:

  • promotes uterine cleansing

  • softens scar tissue

  • fertility enhancement

  • stimulates circulation

  • supports harmonization of menstrual cycle

  • facilitates healing

  • improves vaginal nectar

What does a Vaginal Steam session look like?

You will receive a brief online intake form to complete before your appointment. When you come in for your first vaginal steam, you will enjoy a casual chat with Julia to go over your specific needs. Julia will then prepare an herbal blend to target your specific needs. After making sure the temperature feels good, sit down and relax to receive the warm and healing benefits in our cozy sanctuary! Depending on your wants and needs, Julia may provide you with a guided meditation or allow you the space to enjoy the vaginal steam bath in privacy. 

Is this for me?

Vaginal steams are safe for most individuals. There are a few cases when vaginal steaming is contraindicated. It is not recommended if you are pregnant, currently on your period, or have spontaneous heavy bleeding or 2 periods in one month. Julia will screen for any contraindications before beginning a vaginal steam session with you.



$40 for a 35 minute session.

Allows for a brief chat to discuss your specific needs. Vaginal Steams may also be added to any Womb Healing session with Julia.