Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?…

Occupational therapists are licensed health professionals who work with you to find health, wellbeing, and meaning through everyday life. We listen to you to make sure we understand your situation, all the roles you play in your life, the unique challenges you face and how you feel. Occupational therapists then focus on getting you involved in the everyday activities that you need or want to do. We call these everyday activities ‘occupations’ as they are the things that occupy our time – this is where our name comes from.


Many women experience some form of occupational disruption due to feminine health issues. Intense cramps, PMS, fertility difficulties, irregular cycles, intimacy, and pregnancy discomforts all influence our roles and occupations as a women, partners, and/or mothers. Motherhood is one of the most profound and challenging life transitions a woman will ever go through. It is an incredible transformation that quite frankly, our society lacks adequate support for.

Depending on your circumstances and preferences, there are various types of strategies to consider and put in place. For example, there may be new ways to pick up your child so your back pain isn’t aggravated, or different positions that allow you to enjoy intimacy with your partner. Exploring your personal values may help you feel confident to ignore unwanted advice from people around you, or adjusting your daily routines can reduce stress and anxious feelings. Changes to your posture and breathing may help your core muscles and pelvic floor work better, Arvigo® Therapy techniques could reduce discomfort from scar tissue, Ayurvedic herbs and diet may improve digestion, and meditation techniques might help calm your mind when you feel overwhelmed. My goal is to awaken the YOUR inner healer so you feel empowered to take charge of your health and wellbeing.

All appointments with Julia are offered as occupational therapy sessions. As we work together, sessions may be influenced by Arvigo® therapy, Ayurveda, or other supportive modalities to support your health and wellness goals.

What does a session look like?

When we get together, our sessions will feel relaxed and like a conversation. We will meet in our warm and cozy healing space and share a cup of tea.

During our first session, we will talk about:

Holistic Wellbeing – What is happening for you physically, emotionally and spiritually? This may include your menstrual, pelvic and reproductive health, especially if you are interested in support from the Arvigo® techniques.

Your Environment – Our external environment can be a direct reflection of what’s happening internally. The physical set-up of our homes and communities can have a profound influence on how we function. Sometimes we need help navigating an alternative pathway. By assessing the context of your everyday life, I can offer support to create your own path of doing things.

Daily Routine and Activities – What’s a day-in-the-life of YOU? We will discuss your daily rituals, habits, routines, and tasks as they relate to your personal, home, leisure, and professional life. For new mothers, this may include all the things you want to do, but don’t seem to be able to fit into your mothering life.

After sharing, we can identify goals that are important to you, and work out a plan to help you achieve them. Strategies might target your physical body, emotional wellness, spirituality, and the things around you or tasks that you do. They will be practical and individualized to your situation, and most suggestions are no or low cost. Evaluation and progress tracking is really important to me, so along the way I will ask you to rate how you are going and how happy you are in the areas you have chosen to work on. After the session I can send you an emailed summary of what we did and the activities you can work on between sessions.


Initial Session…$150 for 2.5 hours

Follow-Ups…$100 for 90 min