We have both Physical bodies and Energetic bodies. Chakra’s are known as the 7 energetic centers that align themselves from the base of our spine up to the crown of our head. These centers are very important to our overall health and wellbeing; most of our energetic exchanges occur within and around these areas on a daily basis whether we are conscious of it or not. With healing touch, crystal therapy and awareness Jenn helps you bring your Selves back into balance and remove obstacles that may be preventing you living a more creative and easeful life.

How Does it Work?

We are made up of Matter, right? What does Matter do? It vibrates, of course! Through the use of high vibe crystals, a tuning fork and the gentle touch of Marmani, Jenn is able to to help your body release static energy, while simultanesouly stimulating your immune and circulatory systems. This increases organ function, releases stress and brings inner harmony.

What does it treat?

  • Foggy mind

  • Sluggish immune system

  • Lack of inspiration & creativity

  • Digestion

  • Stored toxins

  • Kundalini

What to expect your first session:

You will have 35 mins which begins with a brief intake to discuss your primary reason for the visit. You will be laying on a massage table, clothed and oh so comfortable. Jenn will begin by placing certain crystals which are tuned to the chakras on your body, using light to moderate pressure she will use her hands to address each point, beginning with your head and working her way down to your abdomen. This gentle activation of marmani is followed by the placement of a vibrating tuning fork placed next to each crystal, furthering the cumulative and powerful effect of activation.


$40 for a 35 minute session

*This treatment can be added on to any other BodyWork Sessions offered by Jenn