We offer one-on-one spiritual mentorships for those who seek to deepen their spiritual practice.



Julia is an initiated Womb Priestess in the Celtic Grail Lineage.

She apprenticed with The Fountain Life Feminine Mystery School in 2018 and continues to study Womb Shamanism and the Grail Mysteries with the Institute of the Feminine Arts. Julia guides you through a path of Womb Awakening. She uses a variety of sacred practices including movement, breath-work, shadow stalking, sound, enchanted story telling, emotional healing, inner child healing, and shamanic journeying to access the cerebellum- which is the seat of the lost feminine soul. Womb Awakening is the heart-felt commitment to a deeply transformative spiritual path of remembering and awakening one’s soul to the ancient wisdom of feminine consciousness. It is a deep Soul Process and a profound spiritual journey. You have all the keys within you already. Julia helps guide you to the all locks, where you will then step through new doorways together.


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Krystal is a Womb Priestess and spiritual guide, who will help you activate your highest truth in a playful, yet practical way.

With over 20 years of experience in spiritual studies, Krystal is a way-shower for those wishing to journey deeper. Combining her training in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Peruvian Shamanic Studies, Krystal brings a multidimensional approach to spiritual healing. She is reaching the completion of her Walking Ministry Training, a 2-year program at the Center For Sacred Studies. When working with Krystal, you will learn how to be a catalyst for your own unique transformation, tap into your own intuitive wisdom, find the teacher within you, and cultivate your inner compass to guide your own way. All that you need to know resides inside of you. Together, you can work towards discovering your own unique treasures. She holds sacred space for you to feel safe to journey inwards. You will find those sweet amazing golden nuggets of wisdom that you carry. Your treasures that are waiting to be discovered.

The worlds needs all of us during this time.